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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I sell on Huntstreet?

As the established and premiere authentic luxury marketplace in Indonesia and now finally establishing our presence in Singapore by popular request, Huntstreet provides a safe and trusted environment for our members to buy and sell their pre-owned luxury fashion items. For sellers, our user-friendly platform allows you to peruse our Huntstreet Assist Service to help you with your listing and to sell your item/s quicker to our growing large community of fashion lovers. Our buyers love our comprehensive collection of luxury and contemporary items that are well-priced, hightly curated and quality-controlled by our team of experienced specialists.

As the largest and most trusted online luxury resale platform in Indonesia, our Singapore-based sellers can easily tap on our already-huge (and growing) pool of prospective buyers in Indonesia to create more visiblity as well as increase the chances of selling their items on our platform.

What brands can I sell on Huntstreet?

Hunstreet accepts most luxury and contemporary brands for resale on our platform. See the full designer list index currently accepted here. We regularly review our Designer Index and add on brands that our community loves. If there is an item from a luxury/contemporary brand that you wish see on our platform, simply drop us an email at to let us know!


How do I sell on Huntstreet?

Currently, we offer a fuss-free Huntstreet Assist Service (HAS) that will easily help our Singapore-based sellers list their items for sale on our platform. In the near future, we will be expanding our marketplace app to Singapore-based sellers too that will enable you to also list your items yourself through our app.

What is the Huntstreet Assist Service?

The Huntstreet Assist Service is our premium and fuss-free service for sellers who may be short on time! Contact us, sit back and let us do the hard part of the work for you! Our Huntstreet Assist service includes quality checks, appraisal, selling price suggestions, professional product photography, listing description and input of a seller's item onto our platform. So all you need to do is to relax in the meantime and wait for the appraisal to be uploaded for your review and approval and you'll be good to go thereafter. We'll also manage the fulfillment of item delivery to your buyer once the item is sold.

What are the steps involved for the Huntstreet Assist Service?

  1. Register as a seller on our platform and name your Seller's Closet.
  2. Schedule a pick-up of the items you wish to sell (complimentary for a minimum of 20 items per pick up) or simply schedule an online appointment to drop-off the items directly at our showroom located at 201 Henderson Road, #04-10 Apex@Henderson, Singapore 159545 during our office hours (Mon - Fri from 11am - 6pm and Sat from 11am - 1pm).
  3. We will review your items and send you an appraisal email within 7 working days with suggested selling prices for your approval on our marketplace. Upon your approval of the Suggested Selling Price/Appraisal, we will then assist to photograph your item/s and input the item's description for it to go live on our platform within 10 working days. As a seller, you can easily monitor your sales listings through your Seller Dashboard and even reduce your selling price yourself, if and when desired.
  4. Once your item gets sold, you will be notified via email and we will assist to fulfill the delivery of the item to the buyer. You will be able to cash out your earnings 7 working days after item is shipped to buyer.

What are the fees payable to sell my item on Huntstreet?

As the preeminent platform favoured by tens of thousands of users currently, our platform sellers have always appreciated our transparent sales commission fee model. No underhand tactics of depressing your take-back price, just a fully transparent and highest possible fair market resale value for your item and we earn a fixed tier commission for every item that you sell. It's a win-win for all!

1. For Bags & Accessories

SGD1,499 and below = 25% of Selling Price or minimum fee of SGD50 (whichever is higher)

SGD1,500 to SGD4,999 = 20% of Selling Price

SGD5,000 to SGD9,999 = 15% of Selling Price

SGD10,000 to SGD29,999 = 12% of Selling Price or capped at SGD1,800 (whichever is lower)

SGD30,000 and above = 7% of Selling Price or capped at SGD5,000 (whichever is lower)

2. For Clothes & Shoes

SGD249 and below = 40% of Selling Price or minimum fee of SGD50 (whichever is higher)

SGD250 to SGD499 = 35% of Selling Price

SGD500 and above = 30% of Selling Price

Can I request for a pick-up service if I have less than 20 items?

For the convenience of our sellers, we provide a collection service for sellers who wishes to utilise our Huntstreet Assist Service. Collection service can be booked at a nominal fee of SGD10 per 5kg carton box / SGD20 per 10kg carton box. Or you can easily drop off your items yourself directly at our Showroom (conveniently located at Henderson Road with ample parking spaces right in front of our doorstep) during our operational hours.

Note: We regret to inform that should your batch of items received by us to be deemed to be mostly outside of our accepted condition and list of brands, we reserve the right to impose a claw-back fee of SGD10/5kg carton for the services already rendered to collect your items. If your items are subsequently also deemed to be not acceptable for resale on our platform due to brands/condition/authenticity, we can then arrange to send the items back to you at the standard delivery fee of SGD10/5kg carton or you can also choose to self-collect your items from our Showroom.

Important: Please be further advised that your items will only be returned to you upon our confirmation of the clawed-back collection fee and/or delivery fee received before we can handover the items.

How can I drop off my items to HuntStreet?

For our Singapore-based sellers who wish to drop off your items for assessment under our HuntStreet Assist Service, you may easily do so by booking a Drop-Off Appointment online through your Seller Dashboard or simply contact our Customer Service at +65 9299 8806 to schedule an appointment. Our Singapore Showroom is located at 201 Henderson Road, #04-10 Apex@Henderson, Singapore 159545 and is open from Mondays to Fridays (11am to 6pm) and on Saturdays (11am to 5pm). Our showroom is closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

How should I pack my items to be picked up by Huntstreet?

We recommend sellers to pack their items in sealed carton boxes and where possible, to add protective packaging around your item to avoid any damage during transport. Please note that if your item arrives to us damaged or stained, Huntstreet will not be liable for any compensation.

Before you send your items to us for appraisal, we also recommend you to (1) clean your item to increase the chances of a higher listing grade and you should also (2) ensure all the completions and inclusions are included directly in the item to avoid misplacement. Missing items or incomplete packages will result in a lower grading or lower recommended selling price.

Most importantly, please ensure your package is properly labeled your contact information visibly attached outside the package. This is to prevent any delays in our processing of your items for appraisal.

Why did my item/listing get rejected?

A listing may be rejected if it does not meet our marketplace standards. Some examples for rejection may include: brand not part of our accepted Designer Index, condition is deemed too poor to be accepted on our marketplace or the item is a counterfeit/fake, or the requested selling price is too high above fair market pricing.

As a long established and trusted luxury resale platform by tens of thousands of buyers, Huntstreet has a strict Anti-Counterfeit Policy in place. For any item found to be inauthentic after undergoing our quality control and accuracy checks by our team of in-house experts, the item will be immediately rejected and the seller will be required to pay a SGD100 fee per item or SGD180 fee per Chanel/Hermes item to withdraw the items for sale on our platform. The fee is applied as it covers the quality control and checks services rendered while your item is in our center for verification. Counterfeit items will be destroyed after 30 days should we not receive the administrative withdrawal fee by then.

Who determines the pricing of my items?

As a highly favoured platform for luxury resale, we understand how important it is for our sellers to have flexibility over the pricing of their items they wish to sell. All sellers on Huntstreet platform have the final say in determining the listing prices of your items listed in your Seller Closet for sale on our platform but we will reject listings where the requested selling price is deemed unreasonable or way above fair market valuation.

Our Huntstreet Assist service is perfect for sellers who prefer the convenience of having our team of experts appraise and recommend competitive selling prices. Simply click on the Huntstreet Assist option under your Seller Dashboard and let us take care of the initial assessment appraisal and we will recommend competitive and realistic selling prices for your review and approval. Upon the receipt of our Appraisal Form, you can easily review the suggested pricing online under your Dashboard and give us your approval for the listings to go live on our platform shortly after. In the event that you wish to adjust the selling price of your item, you can also click on the "Negotiate" option on your Appraisal Form and input your desired selling price. Our Huntstreet Appraisal Team will then review your request and update you via email on the status of your negotiated pricing within 24 hours.

How does Huntstreet come up with the Suggested Selling Prices?

Our price suggestions are based on similar products that have sold on our platform as well as various market data points available to us to better assess a suitable selling price. There are a couple of factors that we take into account, including the type of item, brand, condition as well as current market demand.

What happens if I don't agree to the Suggested Selling Price by Huntstreet?

Should your requested selling price is deemed by us to be too high above fair market prices, we will inform you accordingly and counter-propose with another Selling Price that may be slightly higher than our original appraised value but still within market resale range. However, in the unlikely event that we are unable to come to an mutually agreed selling price of your item, we shall then initiate to cancel this listing request and arrange for the item/s to be returned to you.

How can I retrieve my rejected items?

You can retrieve your rejected item/s by informing our Customer Service at least 2 working days ahead of the collection of your item/s from our Showroom. We can also deliver your items back to you via a courier service at a nominal fee.

Rejected items need to be retrieved within 14 working days after the notification of rejection has been sent to you. Huntstreet shall not be responsible for the condition of the item/s should the item/s not be picked up or collected only after the 14-day period. Should a rejected item not be retrieved within 30 calendar days, Huntstreet reserves the right to dispose or donate the item to our appointed charity.

Is there a contracted period for my items left listed under the Huntstreet Assist Service? Can I retrieve my items any time?

All items processed via our Huntstreet Assist Service must be listed on and sold through our platform exclusively for a minimum period of 60 calendar days (starting from the day of Seller's approval to process the items given to Huntstreet by the seller.) Should a seller wishes to pre-terminate or break this exclusive selling period and withdraw their items before the end of the 60-day period, there will be an early withdrawal fee of SGD80/item or SGD150/Chanel or Hermes bag/WOC item payable upfront before the item will be returned to the seller.

To initiate an early retrieval of your items, you can contact our Customer Service team at +65 9299 8806 or email for further assistance.

What happens if my item is still unsold after the exclusive selling period is over?

For items that remain unsold after the end of the exclusive selling period, you can either 1) lower your selling price directly through your Seller Dashboard to increase the likelihood of it selling or 2) withdraw your items and request for a collection/delivery of the withdrawn items back to you.

How do I request to withdraw my items?

For items processed via our Huntstreet Assist Service, there is a contractual period of 60 days for the items to be exclusively listed on our platform for resale. Sellers will not be able to withdraw their items before the end of the committed period unless they pay an fee for early withdrawal for each item: SGD80/item or SGD150/Chanel or Hermes bag/WOC item is payable upfront before the item will be returned to the seller.

For items that are past the exclusive period, you can easily request to withdraw your items from sale on our platform by selecting the desired items under the "My Listed Items" tab on your Seller Dashboard and then clicking on the "Withdraw" button. Your listings will automatically be taken off the platform and our Customer Service Team will be in touch with you thereafter to coordinate the return of your items. Please be advised that any withdrawal request may take up to 5 working days to be processed and for the items to be collected or delivered back to you. You can either self-collect your withdrawal or opt for your withdrawn items to be returned to you at a delivery fee of SGD10 per each 5kg carton box.

How can I check the status of my items?

You can easily view the status of your listings via your Seller Dashboard under My Account.

Can I reduce the prices of my items myself?

Repricing your items is easy! As a seller on our platform, you can easily reduce the prices of your items directly and at any time to better the chances of getting the items sold. Simply go to your Seller Dashboard and under your List of Items, select the item that you wish to reprice and click the Reprice option to input your new lower selling price.

We are only able to allow price reductions by sellers and not price increase requests

How will I know that my item got sold?

As a seller, you will be notified immediately via email when your item gets sold. In addition, as part of the benefit of utilising our Huntstreet Assist Service, we will manage the delivery fulfillment process on your behalf to your buyer (regardless of where they are located) and your nett earnings can be encashed 7 working days after the item has been shipped to the buyer.

Will I be notified when my item is sold?

You can easily monitor your sales through your Seller Dashboard under My Account. In addition, all sellers will be notified via email whenever their items get sold. A second email will be sent to you 7 working days after the sold item has been shipped to your buyer to notify you that the nett sales earnings has been credited to your account and ready for encashment.

When will I get paid for my sold item?

Your nett sales earnings will automatically be credited to your Huntstreet Account 7 working days after your item is shipped to your buyer from our Showroom. You will be notified via email accordingly or simply login to your Huntstreet Account and view the sales status under "My Earnings" in your Seller Dashboard. You can then choose to either encash your nett sales earnings via bank transfer to your stipulated bank account or have them converted as Huntstreet Store Credit and earn 2% more in value!

What is a Huntstreet Store Credit?

Huntstreet Store Credit are shopping credits in your account that can be used to purchase desired luxury items on our platform. You can easily request to convert your nett sales earnings into store credits and get 2% more in value. Please be also advised that Store Credit can only be used for purchasing of items on our platform and cannot be converted into cash.

How long will it take for the earnings to be transferred to my local bank account once I initiate the Cash Out request?

HuntStreet processes all cash out transfers within 3 working days after the Cash Out Request is submitted online by the Seller.

Please note that we process cash-out requests to local bank accounts at no extra charge. In the event that you wish for your earnings to be wired to an overseas bank account or to a Foreign Currency account, all bank-associated charges and FX charges shall be borne directly by you. Overseas wire transfers may take between 5 to 10 workings days to be credited into your account depending on your respective financial services institution.

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