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Frequently Asked Questions


Why did my item/listing get rejected?

A listing may be rejected if it does not meet our marketplace standards. Some examples for rejection may include: brand not part of our accepted Designer Index, condition is deemed too poor to be accepted on our marketplace or the item is a counterfeit/fake, or the requested selling price is too high above fair market pricing.

As a long established and trusted luxury resale platform by tens of thousands of buyers, Huntstreet has a strict Anti-Counterfeit Policy in place. For any item found to be inauthentic after undergoing our quality control and accuracy checks by our team of in-house experts, the item will be immediately rejected and the seller will be required to pay a SGD100 fee per item or SGD180 fee per Chanel/Hermes item to withdraw the items for sale on our platform. The fee is applied as it covers the quality control and checks services rendered while your item is in our center for verification. Counterfeit items will be destroyed after 30 days should we not receive the administrative withdrawal fee by then.

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